Network Modelling Solutions
Improve Quality of Service
Reduce the Cost of Network Ownership
Operators, Carriers and Vendors are committed to delivering
seamless connectivity anywhere, anytime.
Cerion is the world leader in delivering tools and services for RAN/Core capacity planning, predictive modeling, network design, optimization and risk management.
Established in Texas in 2002, we were first to market with Cerion OptimiserTM a fully automated platform for the integrated end-to-end capacity management of 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
A supplier to the worlds leading wireless operators and managed service providers, our solutions help to improve network quality and related revenues, while concurrently reducing the total cost of network ownership.

Cost Precision

Using cutting-edge mathematical science to manage your network

Performance Enhancement

Increasing network capacity by introducing automation

Quality Improvement

Achieving higher grade of service through Operations Research methodologies

Predictive Modeling

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to predict network behavior