the internal architecture, capacities, OSS, constraints, and methodology vary significantly and require very specific design guidelines and engineering rules. Not only there are differences across multiple vendor equipment, there are also significant differences between multiple product lines for a specific OEM vendor which also require individual modeling and engineering. 

The telecommunications industry has been making significant advances in technology with just one aim in mind – providing best in class services to the consumers, while minimizing the total cost of network reduce the cost of network ownership. 

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Cerion’s network analysts have deep industry experience with a unique mix of skills encompassing the end to end mobile broadband networks (Radio, RAN, Core, and Transmission). 

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Most operators today typically have more than one OEM vendor equipment in their RAN and Core network. Although these multiple equipment vendors conform to 3GPP/3GPP2 standards,

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This broad spectrum of expertise comes from years of experience with OEMs, network operators and other telecom vendors around the world giving us true multi-vendor and multi-technology capabilities.

Cerion’s network analysts with the help of our best in class capacity management tools have been consistently providing analytics and recommendations which not only improve network quality but also reduce both CAPEX and OPEX.